The BCMS Team

 “Those who pray and give to missions, play a role just as important as the missionary on the field.” Antonio Salgado




A native of Santiago, Dominican Republic, Pastor Victor is a Baptist pastor and at Iglesia Bautista Remanente de Cristo. He’s been married to Johanka Morrobel for many years, and together they have three children: Jeremy, Jona, and Janice. Pastor Victor speaks Spanish fluently and English at an intermediate level. He actively collaborates with other churches through preaching, workshops, and conferences, most notably with the Eternal God Baptist Church led by Pastor Rafael Taveras.





Hailing from Gros-Morne, Haiti, Pastor Job is a Baptist pastor serving at Eglise Baptiste Armée du Christ. Married to Orane Alexis, they have two children, Endgy Houston and Hantz Kidner-Lowth. Pastor Job is fluent in French, Haitian Creole, and Spanish. His collaborative spirit extends beyond language barriers, as he partners with the Christian Reformed Church led by Pastor Jerome Ronel to offer medical clinics, evangelism programs, and aid to vulnerable communities.





Pastor Francisco, a Baptist Reformed pastor from Barahona, Dominican Republic, leads Pincipio Y El Fin Iglesia Misionera. He is married to Claudia Castillo and has a son, Alberto Rosario Castillo. While Spanish is his primary language, he actively collaborates with other churches for teaching and preaching. A notable collaboration is with the Followers of Jesus of Altamira led by Pastor Jose Efraín Marte.





Pastor Frantdzy, a Baptist pastor from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, serves at Iglesia Bautista Por Fe de Pedernales. Married to Linda Matos Monfort, they have three sons: Francisco, David, and Jefte. Pastor Frantdzy possesses exceptional multilingual skills, speaking Spanish, English, French, and Haitian Creole fluently. This allows him to collaborate extensively with other churches in evangelism, preaching, and community outreach. One such collaboration is with the Iglesia Bautista de Ávila led by Pastor José Pierre.





Rafael is from and serves as a deacon in his church in Maracay, Venezuela. He also preaches and teaches the in the church, the community and the prisons, plazas and assists in teaching in two other church plants. Brother Rafael also takes the Gospel to most vulnerable in the community, those who cannot make it to church due to their health or living conditions.

¨ The Lord has put a great responsibility upon me to preach the gospel. I do open air preaching and go to the plazas and prisons. ¨ – Rafael Rodriguez

In Venezuela right now, even professionals are making less than 20 dollars a month and the situation is not getting much better. Crime and poverty makes ministry in Venezuela to be quite challenging. The work of the nationals is of utmost importance in these contexts. Help us support these faithful brothers laboring for the Gospel in difficult places.




Leonel served together with Antonio in Esperanza, Dominican Republic. After several years in the DR, Leonel returned to Haiti with his family, where he lost his wife to illness. He serves in Savange Longe and Ouanaminthe, Haiti. He is an evangelist who has a passion for the Gospel and for helping the poor.

Leonel speaks three languages and is in charge of the Bible, food, clothes and medicine distributions in Haiti. He is consistently teaching Bible studies and discipling new believers, and helps translate resources to Haitian Creole. Haiti, which is already unstable, and with the prices of fuel and food continuing to rise in a country with practically no infrastructure and a massive amount of poverty, Leonel, who is a faithful servant, could use the help of some generous brothers and sisters willing to help carry the burden of another brother in Christ. The work of the nationals is of utmost importance in these contexts. Help us support these faithful brothers laboring for the Gospel in difficult places.




Missionary, Church planter, Translator, Bible teacher, English teacher, Founder and General Director of Biblical Christian Missionary Society.

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Antonio has served full-time in the Dominican Republic for the last 12 years, working with churches and brothers from the USA, Mexico, Haiti, and Venezuela.

Originally known as the ¨Salgado DR Mission¨, over time and experience working with immigrants from Haiti and Venezuela within the DR, and being a missionary in a foreign country (and the son of an immigrant himself), B.C.M.S. was founded to come alongside and support the work of the nationals as many faithful believers were discovered diligently working in their own contexts, yet lacking  necessities to live and resources to work in the ministry. We then began supporting and working with such individuals and, by God’s grace, naturally expanded into those countries of origin through the same brothers and sisters we already worked with here in the DR.

Soli Deo Gloria.


Please pray for our BCMS workers serving faithfully in hard places. May the Gospel continue to go forth, to God be the glory.


“I give thanks to my God for every remembrance of you, always praying with joy for all of you in my every prayer, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” – Philippians 1:3-5


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