Mission & Vision


Vision Statement

To see Christ centered churches established and sustained across the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Venezuela, empowered by the transformative power of the Gospel.

This vision encapsulates our long-term aspirations, emphasizing not just the initial planting of churches, but also their growth and sustainability.

Mission Statement

We fulfill the Great Commission by equipping nationals, making disciples, and collaborating with local partners to plant and strengthen Christ-centered churches in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Venezuela for the glory of God.

This mission statement defines our purpose and key activities:

Equipping nationals: Empowering individuals within these countries to lead and sustain ministry efforts.
Making disciples: Growing individuals in their faith and equipping them to share the Gospel.
Collaborating with local partners: Working alongside existing churches and organizations to avoid duplication of efforts and maximize impact.
Planting and strengthening churches: Establishing new congregations and supporting existing ones..
Fulfilling the Great Commission: Carrying out Jesus’ command to spread the Gospel and make disciples.