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Well it is Sunday afternoon and I am just sitting here thinking about all that God has done and is doing here. We have been here almost 5 months now and time is just flying. If you have been receiving our newsletters you know alot about what we have seen and been through in our short time here. Definetely too much to talk about in this blog, so here’s some of the current stuff. (If anyone would like to receive any of our previous or future newsletters send us a message at to be put on our email list.)

We have our beloved Mili and Fernando here with us and they brought Pastor Manny Marrero with them from Primera Iglesia Bautista de Marion Oaks. And then the director of missions Pete Menendez arrived last night. Pastor Manny has been bringing some good lessons. I especially liked the class he is teaching on marriage because of it’s Christ centeredness. Pete will be giving a class for pastors in Santiago on leadership, how to biblically deal with criticism, temptation, and srtuggles with discouragment in the ministry. Needless to say, having some visiting pastors here with us, we have postponed some of the studies we are giving in order to be fed by our visitors who we only have with us for one more week. Our normal schedule is already crazy here. We currently meet on Monday for prayer in Esperanza, Tuesday we have a small discipleship group going through the Multiply material, Wednesday night I am teaching a series called Who is God by David Platt which we are nearing it’s end and will soon be starting another on the Body of Christ (both are excellent studies). The Lord seems to be blessing that particular study. We find the church having just as many and even sometimes more than a Sunday morning service! Thursday I will soon be teaching a new study, alternating every other week between Piedra Gorda and Boruco. Friday we have an evangelism night in the community of Esperanza and we meet with the youth afterwards. Saturday Jared is teaching One True God by Paul Washer in Boruco (also a very good sized group meeting outside under a tree in a brother’s yard on a hill). And Sunday morning we have Sunday school and morning service in the Esperanza, then sunday school and service in the afternoon in Piedra Gorda. With a schedule like that our biggest struggle is prioritizing our time between family, studies, prayer, and all the other ministry going on. This has not been easy, and we certainly need your continued prayers for God’s wisdom in making decisions in these areas. We also ask that you continue to be in prayer for our evengelism efforts as well. We ask that you join us as we together as the body of Christ, press into God with prayers and petitions for the lost souls here and for spiritual growth in the church as well. There is so much confusion when it comes to doctrine, so many cults and spiritists here with their false teachings, the effects of sin and satan’s work can be seen everywhere. But our LORD is Sovereign over all! We beleive in the power of the Gospel, and we also know that Christ is building His church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Pray Hard!
Antonio Salgado Jr, Christen Rodriguez Salgado, Trinity Lee Salgado, Maya Julissa Salgado, & Antonio Salgado III
Manny Marrero, Pete Menendez, Jared Duncan, Luis Jose Rosario Martinez, Fernando Marrero, & Antonio Salgado Jr.

      And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” – Mattew 4:19 ESV

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