Salgado DR Mission Newsletter

Dear friends, mission partners, brothers and sisters in Christ,

This last month has been so packed with activity it is difficult to know where to start. For this was certainly one of the best months during our time here for several different reasons.

In the beginning of June we had a small group of five brothers and sisters from Texas visit us to hold a conference on the power of the Gospel. It was a wonderful time of Christ centered fellowship, preaching and worship. The brothers who preached did so in such a clear and powerful way. They were gifted in ther articulation and presentation of the glorious truths of the Gospel. We took them around the community of Hato Mayor to share the Gospel with several people and we even took them  to our mission in Cotuí for a couple of days. It was nice to see their servant hearts and go with the flow. Even without fans, electricity, running water, and even a trip to the river after running out, to fill water tanks by hand using buckets. Mission stuff!

We have done several other outreaches here in Hato Mayor. We have been able to bless a local little league with lots of baseball equipment and share the Gospel with the coaches and children. We hit a men’s basketball league in the area and shared the Gospel with over 30 men at a time and gave away 5 basketball and some gym bags. We gave away large boxes full of clothes, toys and flip flops while afterwards sharing the Gospel with them. By God’s grace we have been able to share the Gospel with at least a couple hundred people this month! To Him be the glory! Our desire is to passionately continue to pray for and completely saturate this community with the Gospel. The Lord is now bringing new people in on a regular basis due to our engaging in conversation with people during our time out and helping meet needs. These are exciting times. Please continue to pray for our evangelism efforts.

In our last letter we asked for prayer about a young lady we were considering taking in due to a troubled past. There are actually two youth at the church like this, both at a very sensitive age and in need of the Gospel, love and stability.  One of them is now living with us and the other spends much time with our family as well. We are now enrolling them in a better school to give them a fresh start and to get them away from bad influences from their past. They are very close to Christen and our girls now and our family seems to be growing almost overnight lately. Pray for us that we will be able to live out the Gospel before them and for the Lord to provide for us to be able to help them  in every way possible. We are raising money for them and are getting a good response, but we still have quite a way to go for our children’s schooling as well and the school year is approaching quickly. Please pray about giving.

Our oldest daughter Trinity is in Peru as I write this. She was presented an opportunity to go and serve with a team and the Lord provided completely for her to do so. The Lord reminds us that He is gracious and kind in His provision. This is the first time she has been away from us like this and we miss her dearly but it brings joy to our hearts that she is always eager to serve. I pray that God uses this time to give her a passion for the nations. Trinity just turned sixteen last month but she is already expressing a desire to be a missionary after some medical schooling. I pray that our children would not get distracted and waste their life getting entangled with the things of this world but rather go hard for the Lord wherever He may lead them and whatever it may cost them. That is a dangerous prayer but may the Lord lead more parents to pray this for their children so that the He would raise up another generation of Christians serious about their faith,  serious about God’s glory, and making His name great among the nations. Pray.



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