Please pray for BCMS worker Leonel, in Juana Mendez, Haiti. He has had a hard time recently. Things are not good in his country, and it has been unstable for some time. We are still unable to enter. The banks and many other public places have been closed. After days of trying, praise God today he was able to receive support.
Brother Leonel remains faithful despite the challenges. Please pray for him, his family and those he reaches. Pray for Haiti. May the Gospel continue to go forth, and may God be glorified. Pray.


Land border closure:
  • The land border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic remains closed to most traffic since September 14, 2023, following a dispute over the construction of a canal on the Haitian side.
  • Only limited exceptions exist for medical emergencies, diplomatic missions, and authorized humanitarian aid deliveries.
  • This closure has significantly impacted trade, travel, and daily life for people on both sides of the border.
Impact on trade:
  • The closure has caused major disruptions to cross-border trade, leading to significant losses for both economies.
  • Dominican farmers have reportedly incurred millions of dollars in losses due to their inability to export goods to Haiti.
  • Haitian consumers face increasing prices for essential goods due to limited supply.
Humanitarian aid:
  • While some humanitarian aid is allowed through the border, organizations report difficulties navigating the complex procedures and limited access.
  • This raises concerns about the ability to meet the needs of vulnerable populations in Haiti, already facing food insecurity and other challenges.
Human rights:
  • Human rights organizations have documented increased deportations of Haitian migrants from the Dominican Republic since the border closure.
  • Concerns exist about potential violations of due process and discriminatory practices during these deportations.
Broader overview:
  • The border closure remains a source of tension and uncertainty between the two countries.
  • Both sides have exchanged accusations and held diplomatic meetings, but no resolution has been reached yet.
  • The closure’s long-term consequences on the economies, communities, and human rights remain to be seen.
*This is just a brief overview; the situation is complex and evolving. Pray.

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