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Dear mission partners, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ. As many of you know our family is now back in the Dominican Republic. We are very happy to be back “home”  ready and anxious to get back to work for the Lord. Our visit to the states was wonderful, but traveling so much sharing our ministry with others, visiting with family, living out of a suitcase, and working a part time job, we had quite a demanding schedule. Thank the Lord for His provision as He provided us transportation and a place to stay while we were in the States. He has always  provided for us what we need.

Now that we are back we are focused on three things.. sharing the Gospel, prayer, and discipleship.  Although we may change a few things about how we have done this in the past, we are sticking to the biblical model. None of the man centered, pragmatic, contemporary methodologies will do. Just the Word, prayer, and believing in the power of the Gospel (Romans 1:16).  We want to honor Christ in all that we do. We even purchased some new music while we were gone and will be working with our young brother Moises  on leading the congregation in worship with more biblical, Christ centered songs.

We hope also to split up the work load in a different way. I personally hope to focus on evangelism and discipleship mostly in Esperanza and Boruco working to bring in new life to the church and raise up new leaders from there. This means others will have to do some of the teaching I was previously doing in other areas so I can spend more time sharing the Gospel and establishing relationships with new people in these two towns. I believe it will be better to do a few things well than to do many things spread too thin and unable to give 100 percent. Not much is changing, just a rearranging of responsibilities in such a way as to make the most of our time and people until God raises up more men  to serve. I am excited about the changes and looking forward to being out in the streets and in the people’s homes more.

There is a lot to catch up on here and there are new people in the church which is always exciting. We also have some more Bibles and new discipleship material on the way, pray that everything arrives without any problems. We have received every single box we have shipped so far, but when shipping internationally you never know. Please pray for God to open doors that will help us to continue our mission (2 Timothy 2:2), of preaching the Gospel and making disciples of the people of the Dominican Republic to the glory of God . And join us in praying for the requests we mentioned in our last post titled “prayer requests” as well. Pray.

In service to our Lord and King,
The Salgado family

If the Lord so lays on your heart to give back to Him by supporting this ministry, you can send your tax deductible gift to Romeo Baptist Church 20545 SW 5th Pl. Dunnellon Fl, 34431. Please be sure to write Salgado DR Mission in the memo. Or you can just click on the ”donate” button found on the home page of this site to give online. We do not use a sending agency that gets a percentage of the money donated, so you can be sure that every penny of your gift goes directly to the mission field. Thank you and God bless you.

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