Update from Antonio in the DR

Greetings dear mission partners, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ. We are extremely grateful to those who pray for, donate and even visit at times. I would not be able to do what I do if it weren’t for brothers and sisters back home to pray for and support this mission.


At the orphanage, I am working A LOT. Right now I am working on an evangelism teaching and how to study the Bible workshop that I do in my meetings with the supervisors for the purpose of evangelizing the personel, and teaching them how to prepare a devotional/Bible study. I am training the supervisors under me, so they  then can train the caretakers who work directly with the kids, who then can eventually prepare their own devotionals to teach the children. Apart from that I’m working on some leadership resources with the team as well. It’s going well and the boss wants me to be in charge of ethics now too. So the workload is pretty heavy. Apart from book and important article translations, we are working on a manual for the institution with protocols for each department and every situation we can possibly think of. It’s a monster of a job that needs to be very extensive with lots of prevention rules and processes to protect the vulnerable children we work with the best that we can.

A good brother recently donated a very good study Bible which I then  gifted to Dr. Ignacio from the orphanage, he’s a great brother who loves the Lord and I’m sure he’ll put it to good use.

At home, Yeison has struggled in school. I´ve had to pay a tutor 200 bucks every two weeks for him since the school wanted me to pay for another teacher to help him and work one on one. The school was charging more but thankfully we found a tutor who would do it cheaper and Yeison is finally progressing, thank God.

That’s quite a bill here. And I don´t make much here working, so I very much depend on and need the support from brothers and sisters back home, to not only help my family, but also to provide the resources needed to do the ministry and activities we plan. Thankfuly there is a sister back home helping with Yeison’s need for now.

We have a eldery lady (Lourdes) who still needs help who lives in horrible conditions. Her granddaughter is a friend of ours. We still need donations for that. Please pray about helping us help her (see last months newsletter). But there is another need we have that will help many, God willing.

I am working on trying to get into Venezuela and so far so good.. It isn’t possible right now from the U.S., BUT…IT IS very possible from Santo Domingo or Mexico. I almost have all  the paperwork I need to request the visa now from here and a friend who is a lawyer is helping me with that.

We have many friends and family in the faith over there. We have helped in the past, sending funds to faithful brothers and sisters who helped us get the resources to where they needed to go, back when we first started receiving Venezuelans at the church years ago. There are thousands of them here now and all over Latin America after Maduro and his regime ruined a beautiful and one time prosperous country. The truth is, it’s bad over there right now. Really bad. 

My stay there would be short of course. I have many responsibilities here and I can’t stay apart from Yeison for too long either. However, apart from the funds I need to get there, I cannot go to such a place empty handed. Apart from my personal traveling expenses, I need at least  3000 dollars above and beyond that to buy what we need to to help others. Please pray about helping towards that need. There are some good churches in Caracas and we can work through our other trustworthy contacts there as well.

On another note, there are things we´ve done in the past that unfortunately we have not been able to resume since the pandemic. The medical clinics out in the communities, conferences and workshops that have been edifying for many in the past are something that I would love to resume again as soon as possible. More evangelism, medical clinics, distributions, workshops and discipleship. I have a few good and trusted brothers who have helped us in the past, who desperately would love to get back to work as we used to. Here in the DR, in Haiti and now in Venezuela too. But we desperatley need your help to make this happen. The Lord has opened these doors, we see the needs, but we need your help. Please pray about joining us in prayer and support in order to get the job done. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions about the needs or how you can join us in this worthy labor for the Lord. Thank you and God bless.

In service to Him,

Antonio Salgado Jr.


I thank my God every time I remember you.  In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy  because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now,- Philippians 1:3-5

We do not use a sending agency that gets a percentage of the money donated, so you can be sure that your gift goes directly to the mission field.

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We do not use a sending agency that gets a percentage of the money donated, so you can be sure that your gift goes directly to the mission field.

Whatever you decide, thank you so much for praying for us and helping this ministry. God Bless You!


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