BCMS Update: Maracay, Venezuela devastated by the immense amount of rain and flooding. Leaves many survivors suicidal.

Relief urgently needed in Maracay. Survivors lost everything, leaving many desperate and suicidal.

Following report given by Rafael Rodriguez,  BCMS worker on the ground in Maracay, Venezuela. This another town that has been devastated in this last week. It began to rain heavy yesterday and the streets were flooding again. He is pleading for help and for prayers. Please pray about helping.


Good morning my brothers and sisters, may the peace of Christ be with you all.

Beloved, on Wednesday 10/19/2022 some brothers from the congregation brought some arepas and water to Castaño, as you know this place was strongly affected by the flood that occurred on Monday.

By the grace of the Lord we managed to reach the highest and most affected part, since they told us that there was no way in anymore and in reality there was not. They only would let government cars pass to Palmarito, which is the most affected place.

But the Lord made our trip to this place prosper, in the same way that when we went to Tejerías, and providentially we managed to reach Palmarito just like the Lord opened the door for us in Tijerías when others were not allowed.

My dear ones, this city was really devastated by the passage of the river, the people of this community need help, water, food, candles and shovels because many houses as you see in the photos are full of mud.

By the grace of the Lord we were able to talk to some people and deliver gospel tracts, deliver water and food to houses where the water did not come from the river and they did not suffer from floods, but people cannot leave their houses because they cannot leave their cars because all the streets are covered with large stones and mud, they are without electricity and without water.

This Saturday, if the Lord allows it, we want to bring water, candles and shovels (the shovels are to help someone for a while to remove the mud from their house, not to give it away), we also want to continue preaching and bringing the gospel to these people  because although many people are collaborating in terms of food and water, we understand that these people also need to hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and it is a good opportunity to do so.

Pray for them that they may seek the Lord and for us that the Lord may prosper our path and give us words of wisdom to speak with grace and truth to these suffering people.

God bless you,

BCMS worker in Maracay, Venezuela

Rafael Rodriguez

Translated by Antonio Salgado

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