Yeison’s Song: A Whisper Against the Roar (UPDATED)

The world roars with arguments about abortion, each side drowning out the most precious voice: the cry of a life silenced. But I can’t stand silent with my own son’s story begging to be heard. This isn’t a political diatribe, but a lament, a whisper against the deafening noise, woven with hope born from a brutal reality.

Many know Yeison, our bright, bilingual miracle. What they may not know is the darkness that birthed him. He wasn’t just born to a mother with special needs, but into the aftermath of a monstrous act – a rape that ripped her world apart and left him, an innocent soul, clinging to life.

This is the truth that tears me apart. While rage for the perpetrator burns white-hot, an ember of gratitude flickers – thank God abortion wasn’t a legal option here. But the shadow of its possible future existence looms large, reminding us of the chilling truth: every life, from its very first spark, holds an intrinsic value. Each heartbeat, regardless of its origin, whispers a song only heaven can truly hear. And who are we to silence that song?

Yeison’s mother, though trapped in her own struggles, loves him fiercely. It shines in her eyes, a testament to the maternal bond that transcends limitations. How dare anyone claim this child, born from such horror, deserves anything less than love and protection?

Around the time I had been praying for another child, God led me to a community where I had been preaching and teaching His Word. He answered my prayers, but in a way I never expected. He placed me on a path to help Yeison, his mother, and who would be Yera’s caretaker.

The scene that greeted us was gut-wrenching. Yera, weak and malnourished, could barely care for herself, let alone a baby. Had abortion been an option, Yeison’s life would have been erased, his tiny melody snuffed out before it ever truly began.

The thought makes my blood run cold. Even in cases of unimaginable trauma, the child shouldn’t bear the sins of the perpetrator. Taking a life, at any stage, is not a solution, but a tragedy compounded.

Today, Yeison’s laughter echoes through our home. He thrives, loved and cherished by his siblings and many others. But his story isn’t just sunshine and smiles. It’s a stark reminder of the darkness that exists, the lives teetering on the brink of silence. It’s a call to action, a plea to rise above the noise and listen to the whispers of those whose voices are barely heard.

The Gospel echoes this plea. When we were lost and broken, condemned and separated from God, Christ didn’t condemn us, but came to save us, to offer forgiveness and the amazing privilege of becoming children of God. Like a child adopted into a loving home, we are no longer outcasts, but beloved sons and daughters. This truth fuels my unwavering commitment to live for Him, to be a beacon of hope in a world desperately needing it.

But words alone can’t change the world. We must act, our actions reflecting the compassion of Christ and grace of the Gospel. Let’s stand together, not just to denounce, but to offer support and healing to those impacted by abortion. Remember, even in the deepest darkness, forgiveness and restoration are possible.

When I look at Yeison, I see more than a son. I see a survivor, a symbol of hope, a living testament to the preciousness of every life, even those born from unimaginable pain. I see a beautiful reflection of the Gospel. May his story touch your heart, stir your compassion, and inspire you to join us in raising our voices, not just against the roar, but for the whispers of every precious life.

Let us pray for those affected by abortion, both the children and those facing difficult choices. Again, I emphasize, that even in the deepest darkness, forgiveness and restoration are possible. May they find solace and hope in God’s unwavering love shown in the Gospel.

In Christ,

Antonio Salgado




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