Salgado DR Mission: Yeison’s story

With so much talk about abortion these days I have something I want to share since everyone seems to be putting their two cents forth. This is not a structured argument or anything, but it is part of our story.

Many of you know about our son we are adopting, Yeison. Many of you know we have had him since he was only three months old. Many of you know that he was born to a mother who is mentally handicapped and lives in very poor and difficult circumstances.

But here is something many may not know….

Our son is a product of rape. His mother was left alone and abused by an unknown man, and it was later discovered  that she was pregnant. This was absolutely a tragic and horrific act, and if ever found, that wicked man should be brought to justice. Castrated even!

Yet, I thank God that abortion is not legal here in the Dominican Republic. At least not yet, although sadly it may be just a matter of time. Yeison’s  biological mother is mentally about four or five and can never live by herself and will always need care, but she knows she has a child. She knows his name. She asks about him. She loves him. I am sure she remembers what happened to her, though she may not be able to process everything that happened during that traumatic experience. Even in her condition you can see that she loves her son.

The question is,  how is this Yeison’s fault?!  If so, how?

Another thing that others may not know is that Christen and I had prayed for a few years to have another child, but unable to conceive. Admittedly, at first I did not want to start over. Our children were getting older and I had my plans. And then, I was dead set on them.  But my wife prayed for me and the Lord changed my heart.

We prayed for a long time, and interestingly enough, during that same time God had us working in a very poor area for a few years where I shared the Gospel, taught Bible studies and preached often.

The Lord orchestrated things in such a way that He not only answered our prayers, but He put us in a position to help Yeison, his mother and her caretaker. Yera (his biological mother) is in a much better situation today then the day we found her with baby Yeison, by God’s grace.

But the sad reality is that he probably would have died had not the Lord crossed our paths when He did. He suffered of malnutrition and was dehydrated when we found him. Yera’s mother was dying of cancer at the time and bed ridden, and Yera had no idea no how to care for Yeison. She couldn’t even care for herself.

But this got me thinking and it truly horrifies me to ponder, what would have happened if abortion were legal here?? Especially in a case like this with Yera’s condition and it being a rape?

I am almost certain that we would have one son less than we have today. It breaks my heart just to think about it. Even in cases of rape, like with our son, the child should never be the one to pay the price. It is never ok to murder a child in the womb, period. Every human being, be it inside of the womb or out, at any stage of development from conception, has intrinsic value and created in the image of God. We simply have no right commit such atrocities regardless of how some may try to justify it.

Lord willing, Yeison could be the first one in his family to study and perhaps go to college. Or better yet, he may throw himself upon the mercy of Christ and be used mightily by the Lord someday. But this I do know,  he is already bilingual and very bright. We love him SO very much and really could not imagine life without him today.

His siblings love him and care for him with such tenderness. He is no different to them at all. He has brought so much joy to our family, and God has taught us so much through him over the last five years. We are so very thankful that the Lord allowed Yeison to be born in a country where abortion still is not legal or chances are, he would not be with us today. Just the thought makes my heart extremely heavy. Abortion is murder,  be sure of it, and though we must be gracious when addressing the topic, Christians should work together to end it…. AND minister and give hope to those who may have had an abortion but now are feeling the deep loss and sorrow. There is forgiveness and there is healing for them.

When I see Yeison I see myself. He really is a constant reminder of the Gospel for us. For when we were not God’s children, Christ came to rescue us and through Him we can be ADOPTED into the family of God.

For me, apart from marriage, adoption is one of the most beautiful pictures of the Gospel. The Almighty Creator becomes our Abba Father. We go from lost enemies and rebels, to becoming co-heirs,  privileged sons and daughters. This makes my heart rejoice and extremely grateful. And the only proper response to this is to worship passionately and live for Him. Praise God from who all blessings flow!

May we live and act in such a way that people can see the Gospel in all areas of our lives. God forbid they only hear it in our words alone. Pray.



Salgado DR Mission Newsletter

Dear mission partners, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ,

First of all, thank you everyone for your prayers and support over the years. It is truly appreciated more than you will ever know. We believe that those who pray for and support missions play a role just as important as the missionary on the field.

An update on our daughter Maya:

As I write this had to taker her to the hospital  last night for a consistently high fever over the last three days now. With today  (Saturday) four days.

When we got to the hospital and they examined her, they said there hasn’t really been much dengue fever around this area, but a few cases of chikungunya are showing up again. (For those unfamiliar with the terms, we are talking about mosquito borne illnesses). But we were recently far from the city in an area with lots of lagoons and Maya did get bit up pretty good. More than the rest of us at least.

They did some blood work on her it came back showing that it was viral and the doctor started saying that it actually might be dengue, but they would need another blood test. At first they said in 48 hours, but within minutes they said it was much  better to get it done and compare the results within 24 hours just in case.

Her blood pressure was a little low and she was somewhat dehydrated. So we need to control the fever the best we can until then, keep her hydrated and pray until the next blood test to see what’s going on. Thank you everyone for the prayers.

In less than 24 hours, our daughter’s blood test results got much worse (her levels of her white blood cells and red blood cells etc.) The doctors said it is a possible dengue or it could be a couple of other things but she needs to be hospitalized according to her bloodwork.

There is a specific test they can do to know for sure. All we know right now is that she is getting worse. Usually we treat dengue or chikungunya just keeping hydrated and controlling the fever with Tylenol, but there are some dangerous strains of dengue that can cause you to hemorrhage, so she needs to be watched closely by doctors and have bloodwork done every 24 hours. The private hospitals wanted a $1000 deposit up front, but since we do not have insurance we had to take her to a public but decent children’s hospital. The same doctors from the “good” private clinics also work here though. The difference is you only pay for the treatment, meds and/or materials needed if operated, but not a hospital’s fee for the stay in a room if hospitalized or doctor’s fees. For now we wait another 24 hours for another blood test to monitor what’s going on. Prayers for Maya are very much appreciated.

As we approach Summer we are considering a short but necessary trip to the States. It has been about a year and a half since our last visit and we have some serious needs. Fund raising from the mission field has proven to be very difficult. We would love to visit and report back to those who pray for and support us. But we are honestly are very behind in raising funds for usual yearly needs such as the kids schooling, funds for the ministry itself and many personal needs as well. A lot due to the difficulty we have with Yeison’s visa situation. It has simply proven difficult to raise funds when out of the country.

We try to be very active concerning updates by personal interaction with donors online, newsletters from our website shared on social media, and in emails, and of course, Facebook with the most frequent updates on our ministry and personal pages. Perhaps it is due to this unfortunate gap in reporting and fundraising in person that giving has dwindled.

It happens over the years, times when we are getting by well financially, and others when things get much harder for us. We have survived using love offerings and such that come to us. But our actual monthly budget needs are no longer being met, and the needs and bills keep coming. When things are good financially, although there will always be needs, and some things that are not in our power to resolve, with what we have received in the past we were able to do much for others and pay the bills. When giving takes a hit (due to the many commitments here) many times we must use personal funds to cover the needs. But you can only do that for so long before the well starts to run dry. Between the needs of the brethren, the bills and needs of the church,  our family, even cutting corners on some of our own  needs, we have come to difficult spot financially.

Two or three months of unexpected and expensive medical bills, repairs, and needs that come up on top of the usual expenses is all it takes. Then comes the tension of our reality here.


We depend on the support of the saints back home. We have to live, we have bills to pay, but we are here to serve them. How do we not help them? When things get tight the temptation is to buckle down and go into survival mode. But it isn’t that simple. We have food and clean water, clean clothes and for now at least, our health.  While some dear people we know, brothers and sisters in Christ even, don’t have the basic necessities often times.  Or they can’t afford the medicine they need to stay alive. It does something to your heart. It does something to your conscience. At least it does to mine. When we can’t help as much or are running out of money, it isn’t very easy to be here.

The kids schooling is a hard thing as well. It’s time to enroll for next year and we don’t have the money right now. We are thinking about moving to a cheaper home but there are lots of costs involved in moving, including first and last month’s rent which we don’t have right now. We need to get home and do some serious fundraising but we can’t as a family stay long because of Yeison’s visa situation.

Even on extended stays in the past, (just the way it has played out), I have spent much time reporting and preaching wherever I am invited, but run out of time and don’t get to fundraise  as much to “new” audiences for new supporters. And honestly, it is just very difficult to ask for money, or anything else for that matter! I really struggle with this even though we have been here seven years.

It also gets expensive really fast staying in the States and trying to travel with a family. It’s been by God’s grace and the generosity of the saints who open their homes to us and lend us vehicles that has allowed us to get around by in the past.

In a praise report, thankfully one pastor and his church has graciously invited us to Louisiana to share about the ministry, and offered to cover our trip there. There may be some support coming from that. Praise God, we are very thankful for that! But we would also like our kids to at least have a short visit home as well to visit. It’s been two years for them and they would like to see the family and we totally understand and would like them to have a break as well. We would need to fly our kids to Florida and find our way there from Louisiana which we cannot afford at this time. There are some churches and dear brothers and sisters we should (need) to visit in different states to report to and thank for their support and prayer over the years. I am not sure how I will get there as of yet, the Lord has always provided a way in the past. Please pray about helping.

Our newsletters are usually not this transparent about the hard side of things personally and financially. We share much about some hard things happening in the lives of people around us and in the ministry. But very few know the many difficulties we have faced secretly and quietly suffering over the last seven years, and some even presently as a family. So I am just going to say it. I am pretty concerned about our financial situation and we need your help! We are certainly praying for the Lord’s provision. Yet I know He ordains the end as well as the means, which is no other than the bride of Christ, the church itself. Brother, sister, will you please pray for us and give if you can?

We need new monthly mission partners. People have been good about occasional love offerings and such in the past,  and many times are specific answers to prayer that come in just in time, but it is difficult to build a budget around that. We need an increase in monthly funding to catch up and cover the extra costs of the church and the brothers we support here personally. There’s the church’s electric, water, supplies and mercy ministry fund come from our offerings. The medical insurance for a very sick sister here, the maintenance , insurance and fuel for the bus, an evangelist in Haiti  and a  pastor here that we support personally. These are just some of the needs above and beyond our children’s schooling and other family needs.

How can you help?

By praying, we have no doubt that in a major way the prayers of the saints back home interceding on our behalf have played a major role in sustaining us this long on the mission field. The Lord has answered those prayers time and time again. We have seen the Lord touch the hearts of some saints back home and seen His faithfulness to provide in big and unexpected ways through those prayers in the past.

By giving, if you are already a mission partner, would you consider sacrificially giving above and beyond your current commitment for X amount of time to help ease the financial burden we currently have? 

And also by sharing, would you be willing to share these needs with your local church, friends and other believers in your own circles who understand the importance of missions and have a passion for the Gospel?

We purposely do not use a sending agency with large overhead costs that retains a significant percentage of the money donated, so you can be sure that your gift goes directly to the mission field.

If the Lord so lays on your heart to give back to Him by supporting this ministry,  you can send your tax deductible gift to:

P.O. Box 219228
Houston, Texas 77218-9228
1-800-CMC-PRAY (1-800-262-7729)
Office: 281-599-7411
Fax: 281-599-7511

CMC serves hundreds of missionaries, but they ONLY receive the funds for us and in no way have control over how the funds are to be spent or what we are to do as a ministry, which gives us liberty to make real needs a priority and yet have room to be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading. This is one of the reasons why we went with CMC. There are also three trusted pastors which sit as our mission board.

You may begin sending your support to the Salgado DR Mission at any time at the address above. (Checks should be made payable to Central Missionary Clearinghouse or C.M.C.)

You can also now give to the ministry here in the DR online through the new giving solution called “click and give” at the CMC website.

To get started you just need to click on the link below and register the first time. Just a simple click on the donate button on their page (see link below), and then click the “click and give icon/button”.

You will then have a private giving solution that comes with many benefits to you the donor. If you have any questions please call the office (tel:1-800-262-7729 or 281-599-7411), and they very kindly will walk you through what you need to do.

You can also donate to this ministry online with Paypal. Click the donate button below and you can send support of any amount directly to the ministry. You can choose the option of doing a one-time donation and in emergencies this is the fastest option to get funds to us.

Unfortunately through Paypal we are not set up for receiving recurring donations at this time. But the other online giving option above does the recurring monthly donation option. Simply register one time and that’s it.

For tax exemption, you must send your donation through Central Missionary Clearinghouse (CMC) at the address above. 

Again, we do not use a sending agency that gets a percentage of the money donated, so you can be sure that your gift goes directly to the mission field.

Whatever you decide, thank you so much for praying for us and helping this ministry. God Bless You!



Salgado DR Mission: update

“What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”
‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭2:2‬ ‭

Salgado DR Mission will soon be associated with and working under the “Biblical Christian Missionary Society”. We are the the first american family on the mission field serving under BCMS. This ministry will be helping and serving outside of our local church on a more national and international level.

The focus apart from the local church that has been planted (who we still work with and are supporting and still has many needs themselves), will be the scouting, supporting and teaching of these men, creating a network of nationals who are called, have gifts such as of evangelism and/or teaching and preaching, and ultimately help them by getting the necessary tools and resources they need to reach their people with the Gospel.

Be on the lookout for the new BCMS website where you will find pictures and profiles of the men who are being helped through receiving necessary resources and/or supported financially.

There is a lot of work and prayer that is going into this 2 Timothy 2:2 ministry. 100% of donations will go directly to the mission field to working missionaries, evangelists and pastors and teachers. No overhead fees, like in the larger organizations. Please pray for wisdom in this process and for more mission partners to come alongside this important ministry to help these men.

For our friends back home who preach and teach, there will be opportunities to come and serve by teaching for conferences and workshops organized in different parts of this country and Haiti as well. Please pray for this ministry, our family and everyone involved in this project.

Thank you and God bless!

“I give thanks to my God for every remembrance of you, always praying with joy for all of you in my every prayer, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭1:3-5‬ ‭

Salgado DR Mission

Dear friends, mission partners, brothers and sisters in Christ,

Recently, a few of us went out evangelizing again in the barrio closest to the church. Please pray for several people who heard the Gospel that night.

The kids at the school are catching on fairly well with English, and there are several opportunities for evangelizing to the staff, students and the parents. There are plans for a new bible study which would be held there at the school. I had a meeting with the director and there will be some teachers and students attending. But I also  intentionally throw in Bible for english lessons sometimes. Pray for all of that and for Trinity who is in Malaysia serving now for a while.

In Hato Mayor, right now there is a rotation of preachers from churches we fellowship with for Sunday mornings. There are several the Lord has raised up in a few churches we know of, and they have been very gracious and helpful to us. They are coming in to help as I step back a bit from the leading pastoral role there.

This also allows me the necessary time to focus on some other very important areas, like my personal physical and spiritual health, the family´s and other needs, and future ministry plans. If He wills and as He leads of course. We are still present, supporting, serving and helping in many other  ways.

Others are stepping up and assuming responsibilities. Brother Carlos has really stepped up and is leading meetings and the evangelism. It is good to see that the core, is very united and committed to the continued growth of the church. Praise the Lord for that and the work he is doing in Carlos.

So we will be on a sort of ¨in country/on the field furlough¨ at least until we get Yeison’s visa. We are due for a break, some tell us  way overdue for a break, but our situation with Yeison is very unique and unfortunately hinders us from all being able to travel as a family together. So limiting some things we do for a while gives us a chance to get some much needed rest and to pray for and tend to so many other things that have unfortunately been unintentionally thrown on the back burner.

Some of you who have supported and followed from the beginning may remember when we got here and hit the ground running with pastor Jose and the three churches there , because I already spoke the language. Those who have followed us know we have stayed pretty busy, many times too busy for our own good. More than a handful of well meaning brothers and sisters have told us to slow down for a while.

In fact, we hit the ground running in 2012 since we were familiar with the culture, after many prior visits and our established relationship with Pastor Jose and the churches in and near Esperanza. But all that running hard over time takes it´s toll,…. has taken. This August will be seven years on the mission field by God´s grace. Many of you know how in the beginning we came here with almost nothing and very little support. The Lord has sustained and blessed us beyond what we imagined over and over again through the years.

But just as many enlisted soldiers serve for 4-6 year deployments , missionaries very similarly usually come home on furlough between extended times on the mission field. This is for several reasons. For their health, (spiritual, mental, physical,) for their longevity on the field, for much needed rest and healing and encouraging.

And usually, even when on furlough in the states, a missionary must often work hard reporting to churches and supporters, fundraising for much needed support for family and ministry needs. Which usually means much traveling for necessary speaking engagements (whether it be preaching, reporting, teaching,)  which is expensive and an added financial strain. It can be exhausting and stressful traveling with children and constantly living out of a suitcase, and many times literally only trusting the Lord to provide a vehicle or place to stay.

Our little budget doesn’t cover all of it. As a matter of fact we need to get back soon to do some fundraising. We still need new mission partners to be able to continue the work. There is still much we want to do, to help ESPECIALLY in the area of coming alongside and making available help and resources for men called to the ministry. We still need funds for projects, an emergency fund (currently non existent) etc. For this to happen, we need more churches and individuals, willing to partner with this mission. Please pray about giving or sharing the needs here with others.

We certainly pray and need more than ever more prayer and support during this time of attempted rest, spiritual recharging, and honestly some healing. We still have many needs, our family´s, as well as the church. We want to continue supporting in every way possible, and we have some special individual cases of brothers and sisters with special needs we wish to continue helping with. There are no shortage of those here.

The christian life is very much an intense battle, every christian must fight and knows it. But be sure that the battle is fiercest for the minister and those closest to him.- unknown

Please continue to pray for Yeison’s visa to be approved. Please also pray for us as we will be switching very soon, (Lord willing) to Christian Missionary Clearinghouse which a ministry that helps independent missionaries like us for a very very small fee and they presently help hundreds of missionaries like us.  We have been told to be patient since this is a very busy time of year for them.

Please be aware but do not worry, we will be emailing everyone immediately as the switch takes place officially so that your donations can be sent to the new address.

The same tax write offs will be available to donors and the processing of checks should be much quicker and smoother.

Our paypal account for online giving, you can reach on our website and still functioning the same for quick online giving or one time gifts. There should also be a click and give button on the website of Christian Missionary Clearinghouse for us as well once we have officially switched.

We do apologize for any  inconveniences this may cause, and  we are eternally grateful for Romeo and the support and love they have showed and continued towards our family. They will always be a very special group of brothers and sisters to us, especially since the Lord saved us there, I was ordained there and we were commissioned out of there. Pray for Romeo, Pray for Pastor Rob, pray for our family, pray for the church here  . Pray.

Salgado DR Mission

Dear friend, mission partners, brothers and sisters in Christ,

The last week of October we did a massive medical clinic that extended over four days and was in three different locations. The first two days  were at the church, the third day was at the school San Lucas, the fourth day we did at a christian clinic in downtown that helps people for very low costs and can sometimes offer some medications for free. Over all it went very well. All praise and glory to God.

Before that we had Brother Kenny Rodrigue from our friends at Woodside Baptist in Ocala, visit us and do an excellent three day conference on the church being the temple of God. A wonderful and edifying time of preaching and teaching. Praise God for that time of teaching and fellowship!

Just a week later, A wonderful young couple (Anthony and Stephanie Willis) had been wanting to do something with medical missions for sometime. They were put in contact with us through a good brother who had visited us on a trip a couple of years back. We had never met and it was going to be their first mission trip that we knew of. And although we have been part of countless medical trips and and likes, it wasn’t something we had ever set up completely on our own like this one. So it was a first for both of us in that sense. We have organized all kinds of different trips ourselves but as far as the medical ones, we were usually called in to help organize, translate, or share the Gospel with those coming through. Thankfully we had the help of experienced friends who did help guide us in certain areas we needed a little more knowledge in.

In all of the teams we have received over the years, (and there have been a lot), we have never had an issue getting the meds through customs since they were very obviously for helping the people here of their country , and thankfully in the past they have been usually gracious and appreciative about that, usually. Unfortunately on this occasion, like always customs had no problem and released the meds to be allowed in the country after a short explanation about who we were and what they were for and where we would be working.

This time though a woman from public health got involved and really complicated the situation to the point  that we still haven’t been able to obtain the medications. we spent money sending a rep´representative of the mission to the capital with the paperwork they gave us to the office they told us to go, but after investing the time and money, still to to no avail. Upon returning to the customs office at the airport here in Santiago they were again very gracious and nice (even repeatedly apologizing for the other department’s  behavior)and said that according to them they were released but there was now a conflict between customs and public health officials about what to do with the meds in  the capital city. A simple non issue suddenly became an issue.

We then were instructed in a confusing process to supposedly properly be able to obtain the meds. At this point, and very frustrated to say the least, I personally asked the public health representative herself to guide me through the steps online, that according to them were so very simple. Now she as the government representative of the Dominican public health department was not able to answer my questions or show me exactly what we had to do but assured us it was as they said , (although she was not able to even to it herself, and getting frustrated stopped attempting to try to show us herself!)

We are still trying and will be making a trip to the capital soon to hopefully finally resolve this. But a side from all of the problems, the Lord was glorified and the Gospel was preached and many were people were helped. At the end of the day that is what mattered.

Aside from that , we have been taking a much needed break from ministry. A sort of in country furlough, at least until we get Yeison’s visa. The convention and other churches we fellowship with have been very helpful in helping the church and supplying a rotation of preaching men to help with pulpit supply. We were even able to help people out in Piedra Gorda, a much needed area, with many left over meds to people we know needed them. We are very thankful for Anthony and Stephanie and their willingness to come and serve and do such a  massive project with us, basically with the funds from their own pockets, no team, no other churches involved, just a couple who love the Lord and decided to come and serve needy people instead of taking a nice vacation for themselves. Certainly an example worth imitating. The Lord is has been very gracious over the years to bring such people across our path.

Please continue to pray for Yeison’s visa to be approved. Please also pray for our sending church “Romeo Baptist” which is dwindling as a church. We will be switching very soon, (Lord willing) to Christian Missionary Clearinghouse which a ministry that helps independent missionaries like us for a very very small fee and they presently help hundreds of missionaries like us.  Pray that the transition will be quick and not difficult. Please be aware and we will be emailing everyone immediately as the switch takes place so that your donations can be sent to the new address. The same tax write offs will be available to donors and the processing of checks should be much quicker and smoother. Our papal account is still functioning the same for quick online giving or one time gifts and there may also be a click and give button on the website of Christian Missionary Clearinghouse for us as well.

We do apologize for the inconveniences of the past, but we are eternally grateful for Romeo and the support and love they have showed and continued towards our family. They will always be a very special group of brothers and sisters to us, especially since the Lord saved us there, I was ordained there and we were commissioned out of there. Pray for Romeo, Pray for Pastor Rob, pray for our family, pray for the church. Pray.


Dear mission partners, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ,

First we want to thank everyone who prays for and  financially supports our family and ministry regularly so that we can serve and continue to bring the Gospel to the Dominican people. We are thankful to the Lord for you and your faithfulness.

There are many things to report this month, but in this letter I would like to share some important prayer requests:

Please pray for Christen, over the last few months she was diagnosed with elevated blood pressure. A couple of months ago it got so high that she was not allowed to leave the clinic until they got it under control. She is now taking medication for it. But recently she has had pain in her chest, jaw and the back of her neck. We had many tests run and everything came back fine, thank God. But the symptoms come and go. The heart doctor said it is stress related. She did pull a muscle in her chest picking up Yeison with one arm, but other than that, all the symptoms she has been experiencing seems to be from stress. Between the school, the family and ministry, things seem to be catching up with her and affecting her health. Please pray for her.

Please pray for Yeison, last Friday he swallowed a large coin. We have been back and forth to the hospital with him many times this week. He is acting fine but the coin still has not come out. Every X-Ray shows progress but he has been constipated which really slowed things down. It’s been over a week and we still have yet to confirm that it has come out. The doctors said that as long as he does not have pain, and there is no swelling of the belly not to worry. But it’s been over a week and it’s hard not to.

We are giving him medicine that stimulates the intenstines and helps him “go”, but please pray. We are going very soon to do another X-ray to see if it has come out or not. It is possible he went to the bathroom and flushed without us knowing (which would be great if it is gone), but as far as we know it’s still in there.

Aside from that, we need to start taking him to physical therapy for his legs again. We are noticing one of his feet is turning outward more than it used to. We especially need prayer that the US embassy here would approve a visa for him which would allow him to travel to the states with us. It’s been over six years now with no furlough and it’s time for a break. But we can’t leave him behind. He has a passport and we have papers showing legal guardianship, but we just need the visa. Please pray for this.

Please pray for me as well. I had become ill and have had lots of symptoms which had us a little worried. I lost almost 25 lbs., had sever pain in the abdomen, vomiting and stomach issues. The doctors ran lots of tests and even an endoscopy and biopsy which cost us almost $400 since I do not have insurance. My hair has begun falling out too. The results… a mild case of gastritis!? That is all they could find! Now this didn’t make much sense to me and I expected worse news,  but the doctors said this too is mostly stress related and it has begun to affect my health.

The last few months have been a whirlwind of problems between the church and all the worries that come with pastoring (especially in this context), the discouragement from the sinfulness of sin  and how it slowly destroys people you love, shortage of resources, carrying such a large burden here and how it is now impacting even our health, expensive vehicle repairs, it seems to just be catching up to us and it is finally showing. Please pray that the Lord would allow Yeison to be approved for a visa. Only then could we go home and rest for a season. We realize that we really need it.

The church is doing well and we are seeing significant spiritual growth in a few people and regularly seeing new faces, that is good news! Our series in Philippians seems to be edifying many, certainl myself in my study and preparation. I am very thankful for what the Lord is teaching us as a church, us as a family, and  personally through this absolutely rich and wonderful letter.

Pray for Trinity who is in the states working for a while trying to save money. She is still planning on going to Indonesia but is still quite a way from reaching her goal and January is coming faster than we know it. We regularly share her fundraiser from our Facebook page. You can also find it on under “Trinity serving in Indonesia”.

We are also at a point where we really need the classrooms at the church property. Please pray that the Lord would provide the resources to be able to finally begin building. During service the children are in the kitchen or sitting outside in the the sun. We hope that a church or group of churches would be willing to take this on as a project. Pray and consider if this could be something you can be a part of. Please pray and share these prayer requests with your churches and friends. Thank you and God bless!

In service to our Lord and King,

Antonio Salgado and family

Salgado DR Mission


Salgado DR Mission

Dear mission partners, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ,

As always I would like to begin by giving thanks to God for His faithfulness and provision over the years. We are thankful for everyone of you. It is the Lord who has put many of you in our path and moved you to give and to pray for this ministry. May the Lord bless you for your obedience and your love for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. – Philippians 1:3-5

Here are some of the most recent things going on:

Last week we did a three day vacation Bible school at the a school  we are working with. It went quite well. There was a group who was supposed to come with the owner of the school who lives in Florida. Something happened and the group was unable to come. Thankfully we have left over things we have used in the past from when our mission partners from Morriston have come down and supported us in coming (and many other ways too!) and in bringing the resources neededin order to put on such an activity.

The result was that we have more contacts and a presence with the people in the community to follow up with we didnt have before. People in the immediate area already know me and have attended a Bible study there held at the school. We still have a lot of work to do there but this allowed us to meet and speak with people in the community that we did not have an audience with before. Now we continue to evangelize but especially with those we have recently met.

The main thing of course is the Gospel. Different kinds of outreach like this are great, but the reason for all of it is the proclamation of the Gospel. We dont trust in any specific method of reaching people at all. We do no good just singing with and playing games with kids if we don’t share the Gospel with them. We trust in the power of the Gospel. For this reason I prepared the Bible lessons myself to be sure the lessons were Christ centered and  would take the children to the cross. Please pray for the efforts in that community and that the Lord would save and allow a new work to be planted there.

Evangelism follow up down in the “hole”. A drug and crime ridden community near the school.

At the church in Hato Mayor,  we just began a new expository series on Philippians titled “Gospel Joy and the Missionary Church”. We will learn important lessons like, joy, generosity, contentment, unity, mission partnership and of course the humility and exaltation of Christ. Pray that the Lord would give me wisdom and that the church would be edified and grow.

We are still planning things for later in the year including a medical clinic around October where we offer free exams and medications to the poor. These have been a great way to serve the community while at the same time meeting new people and obtaining new contacts to follow up with. During these kind of outreach events, we put together a small team of people to share the Gospel with everyone who comes through. Pray for that upcoming activity.

We still would love to have others come and teach for us. Having likeminded brothers come and teach for conferences has been very edifying and beneficial in the past. Pray that the Lord would open new doors and lay on peoples hearts to partner with us in this mission and have a willingness to committ.

This is Milagros

The needs are great as always, and our resources are very limited. Here are just a few of the needs at the present moment. We hope that one or more churches would partner with us and take one of these needs on as a project of their own.

-There is a sister in the church who is very ill. She has to have surgery to remove a finger that has gangreen and has begun to rot still attached to her. Her husband is a former pastor and works but they barely get by. Her insurance is spent and no longer covering any of her procedures, removing the finger being one of them. She is also receiving dialysis and a diabetic. Any help towards this couple would greatly relieve the burden of brother Nico and his wife who’s health is already in a delicate state and would be greatly appreciated.

-We are still short on our children’s funds for schooling.  The schooling is expensive unfortunately, but the only school around that has teachers specially trained to help our daughter Maya with her learning diability. We homeschooled for years but eventually it got very difficult not being able to give Maya the help she needed. Since attending the school Maya has made great improvements. We still need $6000 for that need to cover the upcoming school year. Please pray about helping.

Our oldest daughter Trinity.

-We recently launched our first arrow (oldest child left the nest). Trinity is in Florida now, but still quite a way from meeting her goal for her time in Papua, Indonesia in December to work with the Johnson family. You can find that fundraiser on our facebook page and in past newsletters. We can email it to you directly if you wish to help.

-The church building is still in need of classrooms. By God’s grace, last year we were able to replace the old roof. As the church grows the classrooms are needed more and more. It would be an addition upstairs to the half of the building that has a concrete plate for a roof. The plan is to add at least two rooms and a bathroom. This would  help tremendously as we are very cramped for space and the ministry would greatly benefit from the extra room as it would help and play an important role in the process of growth for the church. Especially for the much needed theological training of the men. We are presently seeking an estimate for this project will share asap.

If you or your church would like to help in this or any other need, corporately as a church project, please contact us at

We strongly believe that those who give and pray for missions play a role just as important as the missionary on the field.

Teaching children during last week’s activity.

We pray for new mission partners to join us in our ministry. We strongly believe that those who give and pray for missions play a role just as important as the missionary on the field. Please share these needs and prayer requests with your church and others. Thank you  for your prayers and support, God bless!

You can give online here on our website, or you can send a gift of any amount to the Romeo church address in Florida. Click on the “donate” button to give online and/or for the address to send support as monthly mission partners or to meet a need.

In Service to our King,

Antonio Salgado and family

Salgado DR Mission

salgado dr mission newsletter

Dear mission partners, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ,

I would like to first thank each of you for your continued prayers and support for this ministry and our family. Although we go through different seasons of life and ministry, the goal is still the same. Preach the Gospel, and make Christ known in every place the Lords may have us.

We are certainly approaching a new season ourselves. Trinity is graduating high school and will be 18 next month. She plans to go back to the States in the Summer. Her plans are to begin studying to become a nurse, but first she will go back and work for a few months before heading to Indonesia, Lord willing. She will serve a missionary family there who are both nurses and have a ministry in the jungle. The plan so far is to stay for five months, from December of this year until April of next year. She still has quite a bit to raise, but Lord willing she will meet her goal and learn a great deal about what she wants to do with her life serving the Lord. You can find the fundraiser on under “Trinity serving in Papua Indonesia” and there is a link at the bottom of this letter as well. Please pray about helping.

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.- 1 Corinthians 10:31

We also will be focusing most of our time and energy on a new work. Some of you may have heard about the small christian school I am serving at during the week. The owners live in Florida, but sought me ought to evangelize the children, their parents, the teachers (yes, the teachers too), and the surrounding community of San Jose Las Minas. The school sits just above an area called the hole (one of about four in this city) that is drug and crime infested with many people living in extreme poverty. Some of the children who attend that school live there, and most of the others live nearby. It is going well so far but very much a challenge on many different levels. Right now there is a bible study open to the teachers, students and neighbors on Tuesday nights. But we still have much work to do in evangelizing the area. Please pray for this endeavor, that God may be glorified through people who presently have no hope in receiving Christ and being transformed through the power of the Gospel. 

For I am not ashamed of the gospel,[i] because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, first to the Jew, and also to the Greek.- Romans 1:16

As we begin focusing more of our efforts in the new area, I will certainly be in a somewhat different role for a season. Much more evangelistic for a while and a little less pastoral. But still teaching and discipling this new group of people as this work grows. Please pray for the much planning, footwork and resources needed to be effective in saturating this area with the Gospel, bibles and other helpful literature. Pray for the Lord to raise up others to join us in the work as well.

He told them, “The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest.- Luke 10:2

Last month we had the privilege of hosting some wonderful brothers who visited to teach a four day conference. Brothers Steve Atkerson and Dan Trotter have experience in church planting and teaching in countries all over the world. We held part of the conference here in Santiago and the other part with Pastor Jose in Boruco with members from four different churches. It was very edifying and I had the privilege of getting to know and translating for the brothers who did the teaching.  It was also wonderful to see and spend some time with the brothers and sisters there that we haven’t seen for a while.

Please pray for Christen as she has had some health issues recently with some pretty high blood pressure and headaches for several days. She is on some medication to get it under control for now, but we are still waiting on the results of her EKG and the many blood tests they ran. We will share the results and keep everyone updated. You can check our facebook page (Salgado DR Mission) for more frequent updates and prayer requests.

Please remember to pray for the church in Hato Mayor and Pastor Jose who is still laboring in Esperanza, Boruco and Pierda Gorda. Pray for Trinity as she prepares to leave home, and for our family as we adjust to not having her here with us. Pray for her to meet her goal as well, and that the Lord would protect and use her during her time there in Indonesia.

May God give us the strength and the grace to keep running the race and redeeming the time. Pray.

In service to our Lord and King,

Antonio Salgado Jr. and family

Salgado Dr Mission


Trinity Fundraiser at (copy and paste web address below)

Salgado dr mission newsletter

Dear friends, mission, partners, brothers and sisters in Christ,

First of all we would like to thank all of you who have prayed for, and supported this ministry. It is because of those prayers and your financial support, that we are able continue to minister here. Thank you so much for “holding the rope” for us. May the Lord bless you for your sacrificial giving.

This past month we have been VERY busy. We were asked to translate for a medical team that was visiting from Arizona which was a great blessing. We did a medical clinic with them for five days in and around  Santiago. We got to work with new brothers and sisters, able to help hundreds of people, but most importantly, we shared the Gospel with almost everyone who came!

Last week we were in the southern part of the country with a visiting pastor and friend, to bring encouragement and resources to him. It was good to see  the different places and ways Franklin was serving the people there. The drive was pretty long, and turned out to be about seven hours one way. But it was certainly worth it.

Here in Hato Mayor, we have a lot on our plate and need your prayers. Visiting and new baptism candidates, serving at the orphanage, prayer and Bible study, sharing the Gospel at the school, and soon a bible study there too. We also have a weekly men’s meeting, bi weekly women’s meeting, a bible study with the youth, and a new bible study in Creole that we began with several Haitians in the community. Enough to keep us busy for sure!

May God give us the strength and the grace to keep running the race and redeeming the time.

Our oldest daughter Trinity has started a fundraiser for a five month trip to Papua, Indonesia. She will be serving in the jungle there with a missionary family. Although she will be mainly be serving that family, and helping the wife many tasks, the husband and wife are both registered nurses. They have a school, church, and treat disease and injuries there. It is such a remote location that they are the only medical attention, education and bible teaching that the people there have access to. Trinity wants to study to become a nurse and then use those skills on the  mission field. This is a wonderful opportunity for her to get some experience doing that on the field, and shadowing this precious family. Please pray for her, and give if you can. You can find that fundraiser on our Facebook page.

Please begin praying for a new evangelistic endeavor, as we move a bible study that is presently held in a home, over to the school and begin evangelizing that community.

There are many needs and giving has been down, please pray that the Lord will supply the funds needed for the work here. Pray as we consider making steps to becoming a 501c3, and for the fundraising needed to continue the work here. Our desire is to expand and to help support some local missionaries and pastors in the area, for the future leaders, and Lord willing, future church plants. Pray.

In service to our Lord and King,

Antonio Salgado Jr.

Salgado DR Mission



Salgado dr mission newsletter


Dear mission partners, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ,

Thank you so much for the prayers and support over the years. Truly God’s goodness and faithfulness has been revealed through the love and commitment shown to us by our mission partners. We thank God for you! We are now planning out our year, contacting churches hoping to have some brothers come and teach for us throughout the year. We usually hold at least three conferences per year. We would love to do more and we pray the Lord would move others to come and teach for us to edify the brothers and sisters here. We use the opportunity to invite others from the surrounding area and even other cities that they would be exposed to solid biblical teaching. It is very needed and it always helps when an outside party comes and reaffirms what we have been teaching here. Usually they are on topics like, biblical family, marriage, the Gospel, the church, etc. Please pray that the Lord provides those willing pastors and teachers.

After two years we have finally finished our journey through the gospel of Mark. We have now begun two new expositions, one in Romans and  the other in 1 John. I  began doing something different on Wednesday nights. Instead of going through a different book of the Bible, we revisit the sermon and the text the sermon was based on to go a little more in depth, and also to have more time to discuss implications, application and to answer questions. So far it seems to have been a good decision and appears that more of the material is “sticking” and there has been a lot more interaction from the congregation. That is great and also helps us to also gauge where the people are at in their growth. Pray that the brothers and sisters here continue to grow in knowledge, wisdom and practical godliness.

Apart from the preaching and teaching at the church, we manage to stay pretty busy. Monday Christen and Yaris spend a good part of the day visiting with different sisters from the church or other women who have recently visited for the first time. Tuesday we go to the orphanage, and as one group works with the smaller children, some of the men and I split the older boys into small groups and do some mentoring/ Bible study with them. Wednesday night is prayer and Bible study at the church building. Thursdays I visit a school and counsel the kids who get in trouble and share the gospel with them and the employees of the school as well. We hope this is the first step in reaching the parents of the students and the surrounding community with the Gospel. In the afternoon I do a bible study with the youth from our church, as well as with some other curious young adults we met through an outreach in the barrio who have begun attending. These three young men have even begun visiting the church. Praise the Lord!

Friday nights the sisters of the church have a meeting and on Saturdays a group of us have been taking some seminary classes in the afternoon and then a men’s bible study in the evening. Then on Sunday we meet for worship in the morning. Please pray for these various ministries and evangelism opportunities that present themselves along the way. Pray that people would be saved and that God would be glorified.

I am planning on taking a small group with me into Haiti later in the year. Hopefully to establish a partnership with a church there who we want to help through our preaching and teaching ministry. We have a very dear brother there in a town near the border who is helping us set up a meeting with the leaders of that church. Pray for that.

Last year the Lord provided for us in amazing ways. We are praying He will do so again. We have had some big expenses over the last few months which hurt us and giving has been down. Please pray the Lord will provide new mission partners throughout this new year. As the ministry grows the expenses do too and there are still many needs. This ministry totally relies on God’s provision through generous and sacrificial brothers and sisters back home. Pray that the Lord would provide above and beyond our family’s needs, and for the projects and plans we have as the ministry continues to grow.

The money that comes to this ministry does far more than simply support our family and pay our bills. It pays the church’s bills, it keeps the lights on and the water running, it buys medications for poor brothers and sisters that can’t afford them, helps people in need and pays for food and clothing, even surgeries and medical testing that we have covered as a ministry for brothers and sisters in urgent need. Of course we believe in helping the family of faith first, but we help others as well.

Why do I share this? Not for any recognition or glory for we deserve none. All glory goes to God. But we do want those who pray for and support us to know what is going on in this ministry, and what the money they provide is going towards. You should want to know who you’re giving to and where that money is going.

Because we follow a biblical model, we have a high view of the local church and do all ministry through the local church. Preaching the gospel and church planting IS the ministry God has called Christians to. Not separate disconnected parachurch organizations who do their own thing apart from the church.

But that same local church should be doing much more than simply meeting and participating in activities that are only inward focused. We should meet needs too, using those opportunities to show the love of Christ, and as a means by which we preach the gospel to the lost.



In service to our Lord and King,

Antonio Salgado and family

Salgado DR Mission