Dear friends, mission partners, brothers and sisters in Christ,

March was a busy but fruitful month! Here’s an update on my mission activities. BUT FIRST, I would like to share that a very, very special little boy just turned 10 years old! It’s hard to believe how big he has gotten. I am so very proud of the young man Yeison is becoming. May the Lord give him grace and wisdom and use him someday to reach many. Pray for me as I try to be the best possible earthly father to him. He is such a gift from God, and it amazes me how much God can use a small child to teach us about some big things in life. Thank you, Lord, for Yeison´s life.

Collaboration and Strengthening Local Churches:

  • I’ve been meeting with local pastors and brothers to coordinate a year-long plan, including online workshops and support for struggling churches in the city of Santiago and in other vulnerable rural areas.
  • The goal is to strengthen churches through leadership and evangelism training, resource provision, and collaboration with other local churches.
  • Our vision encapsulates our long-term aspirations, emphasizing not just the initial planting of churches, but also their growth and sustainability.

Online Workshops:

  • Three good brothers have committed to joining us in teaching through the online workshops: a brother in Venezuela, a former missionary to the DR in the US, and a pastor here in the Dominican Republic.
  • Workshop topics will cover topics like the Gospel, evangelism & missions, discipleship, spiritual disciplines, and pastoral care with several men connected virtually in four different countries, the U.S., Dominican Republic, Haiti and Venezuela, Lord willing.

Your Prayers Needed:

We ask for your prayers for wisdom and discernment in several areas:

    • Identifying the most qualified brothers according to 2 Timothy 2:2 principles (faithful and able to teach), to work with and support.
    • Please pray for wisdom in the decision-making process.
    • Discerning real needs and determining priorities in each situation.
    • Provision to maintain our commitment to the vulnerable churches we work with.

Meetings and Partnerships:

  • I have a meeting with Francisco Rosario, a theologically sound pastor in Santiago. After a few conversations, the brother has expressed his desire to collaborate with us. I am especially looking forward to this meeting. I invited Francisco to preach at the church in Hato Mayor years ago, and he is a great expositor of God’s Word.
  • I also have a meeting with brother Hosmane Clevoir, who speaks Spanish and Creole and has studied theology.
  • Three other profiles on candidates for partnership are almost complete. Please pray as everything seems to be coming together by the grace of God.

Collaborating with Existing Ministries:

  • I met with brother Alberto “Betico” in Boruco. He is presently discipling two solid young men, but needs some help and a few resources to better serve the community. A plan is being developed to support him and that church.
  • By God’s grace, I will be providing him with a Kindle loaded with theological books and a physical copy of a discipleship book by Otto Sanchez, (a Dominican pastor, my former professor and personal friend), and several tracts and other literature to share.
    •  More copies of that excellent book will be purchased for other collaborating brothers.
  • In Hato Mayor, Pastor Victor requested evangelism training and collaboration opportunities for his church and remains committed to that work.

There are other cases being evaluated before committing, the idea being long term partnerships towards a common goal with continued care and commitment to that partnership.

Our mission statement defines our purpose and key activities as the following:

    • Equipping nationals: Empowering individuals within these countries to lead and sustain ministry efforts.
    • Making disciples: Growing individuals in their faith and equipping them to share the Gospel.
    • Collaborating with local partners: Working alongside existing churches and organizations to avoid duplication of efforts and maximize impact.
    • Planting and strengthening churches: Establishing new congregations and supporting existing ones.
    • Fulfilling the Great Commission: Carrying out Jesus’ command to spread the Gospel and make disciples.

Project PG: A Hearfelt Plea for Yera in Piedra Gorda

  • We’re slowly but surely progressing with Project PG, aiming to build a home for Yera, (Yeison’s biological mother).
  • Land has been secured, and fundraising is underway. So far we have $1,050 dollars towards the project.
  • But, there are now two potential locations (very near to each other) that have been offered as the location for the home at no cost. One of the options is land that was donated to a group of pastors and missionaries I worked with in the past. Both plots are being evaluated to determine the best choice, all things considered.
  • Construction of the house could be completed in two months with sufficient funding.
  • Please consider donating, sharing this project and read more about the project here: https://salgadodrmission.com/2024/02/project-pg-a-heartfelt-plea-for-yera-in-piedra-gorda/

Personal Studies:

BCMS Mission Partners:

  • Leonel and Rafael’s updates have been reported separately but more often in the Facebook group. Both have been diligent in ministry, but are in need of our continued prayers.
  • Rafael is doing well but asks for prayers for his daughter Valentina. She has a gland in her face that is causing swelling, and they still don’t have any solid answers from the doctors. Please pray for Valentina. You can read more about some of the recent things that the Lord is doing through Rafael here https://salgadodrmission.com/2024/03/4263/ 
  • Haiti continues in a state of emergency and the situation is becoming worse with each passing day. Continue to pray for Leonel and his family as the Dominican Republic continues to deport Haitians despite the current state of emergency.
  • Communication with Leonel has increased recently, thank God, and Leonel is presently putting together a list of their most urgent needs. They need everything, but mostly food. Amidst all the chaos in Haiti, brother Leonel remains faithful in his duties and compassionate to those in need around him.
  • Please continue to pray for these dear brothers.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

“I give thanks to my God for every remembrance of you, always praying with joy for all of you in my every prayer, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” – Philippians 1:3-5

In Christ,

Antonio Salgado

Please pray for our BCMS workers serving faithfully in hard places. May the Gospel continue to go forth, to God be the glory.

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